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Billy Kemper has a film coming out. It’s a six-part documentary that follows his recovery after a wipeout that very nearly killed him in Morocco. He was surfing a North African slab when everything went wrong — and as can be the case when surfing waves of serious consequence, the consequences were serious. His pelvis shattered. Ligaments in his knee and hip shredded. But, since Billy is a world champion, he’s got the right mindset to come out of just about anything, and come out of it stronger than before.

Since Billy has a film coming out, the World Surf League decided to call him up for their podcast, The Lineup. In it, Billy talks about… well, he talks about just about everything.

Billy premieres Wednesday, February 24 at 9am PST and new episodes drop every Sunday at 9am PST. Watch on worldsurfleague.com.


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