The Inertia

I heard this song and instantly thought of our cold, harsh surf conditions in the winter up here in Canada.This bitter earth…can be so cold.”

I tried to find all the footage we had over the winter where it poured rain. All preconceptions about Canadian surfing aside, we don’t actually shoot that much surfing in the rain. The gear has become a little too expensive to risk it. In saying that though, sometimes there’s really no avoiding it. I like rainy footage too because it adds texture to the image. Mix that up with a bit of wildlife, scenics, add some spices and you got a little surf short. The song ends hopefully, too! I’m not completely depressed after I watch it. “This bitter earth, may not be so bitter after all.” There’s something simple and beautiful there. Cut to rainbow.

BITTER COLD from Adam Chilton on Vimeo.


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