The Inertia


Sometimes, a winter evening can draw itself out after a good meal shared with friends. The wine releases words with a little less inhibition and new ideas seem to come to us in flurries.

This story starts with a meeting. The encountering of two universes colliding on this ongoing quest for freedom. Then, of course, there is the music. First, it feels melancholic, like the loss of a loved one. More specifically, the loss of a romance. And this kind of loss is a familiar feeling that is universal. Love, which a much stronger feeling and emotion than simple passion, chooses us without consent. Here, three passions meet, dance, and sing in order to create something new. Thibault Cauvin guitar guides Adrien dance with the ocean while Sébastien’s camera captures the moment.


The trick was finding the right setting for our three passions. After a few notes jotted down in a book, the vision moved to a laptop screen. We focused our creative energy around the adventure of travel, leaving room for individual interpretation of anybody watching. It’s something that can be both spiritual and tangible, done alone or joined. It supports the appreciation of others and self awareness.

This is where we introduce Adrien’s character who evolves throughout the story. He travels without aim. To him, it might be a way to harness the ultimate freedom. And it is within this context that he finds the serenity he’s looking for. The ocean already offers a taste of peace, but the abyss brings more. It’s a feeling beyond compare. It is the meeting point between both the peacefulness of the ocean and the chaos of the earth.

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