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The Inertia

Depending on your level of fandom, obviously, you’ll either be terribly disappointed that Blink 182 has canceled its appearance at the Surf Ranch Pro this weekend or, if you’re like me, you won’t care (sorry, I was more funk than punk, preferring Sublime in the panetheon of influential, mid-1990s Southern California bands).

With the news rolling out of the WSL machine the last few days like printed money–equal pay for all athletes, and a solid 2019 schedule–the League’s pitch at a perfect weekend came up just short when the band announced it would cancel the appearance  due to “Travis Barker’s ongoing medical issues.” That doesn’t sound good so in all seriousness, get well soon Barker.

But the WSL obviously had a ringer in the bullpen, immediately announcing that Social Distortion–whose rockabilly style might better fit inland farm-country anyway–will now be the headliner Saturday night. The WSL will offer refunds to those on the upper levels of Blink 182 fandom who paid to see the band play.

As far as the surfing goes, while it feels a teeny bit sterile, it’s not un-interesting to watch. Parko has been my favorite so far. He may not win the event but no one has made it look as easy.

Watch the Surf Ranch Pro live, here.


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