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Andreini and Barnfield in the shaping room. Photo: Andreini Collection

The Inertia

Each and every industry, from shipbuilding to computer electronics to crypto-currency, partakes in a yearly trade show. For the surf manufacturing industry, The Boardroom International Surfboard Show presented by US Blanks is that show.

At each Boardroom Show the underlying theme is craftsmanship: captivating shapes; cutting edge materials; artistic paint; state-of-the-art shred sleds, all forging an exhibit hall filled with these sacred crafts and hard goods. The Boardroom is the surf manufacturing industry’s opportunity to present surfboards, surfing products, and the people that contribute to this culture and to the world at large.

Each year a legendary shaper is honored. This years’ Icons of Foam competition honoree is Marc Andreini, and once again shaping, craftsmanship, and the vitality of the surfboard industry are highlighted.

All the shapers compete with a spirit of respect and admiration for each other, their industry, and for Marc Andreini. They recognize that this competition highlights the surfboard-building industry’s cultural gravitas. One shaper wins, but all win as the industry comes together under one roof.


Andreini selects the design to be replicated. He has been designing, shaping, and building custom surfboards for over 50 years. He continues to be an active and prolific shaper, evolving and experimenting with different board types; recently leading the charge with a new spin on the Greenough inspired Edge concept.

“It is an honor for me to be considered among the likes of Diff, Yater, Bradbury, Merrick, all of the Icons,” said Andreini. “Thanks to all of them and the other craftsmen in our industry. Most people of my generation think that Phil Edwards is number one. Duke Kahanamoku will remain the godfather of all modern surfing. Phil Edwards is the performance version of The Duke: grace, beauty, agility, finesse, and stateliness. Phil was a master of trim and positioning and surfing with speed. He was purely a trim-based surfer. In their respective books, Nat Young and Bob McTavish both cite that their primary influence in surfing was Phil Edwards. Skip Frye says that he and Mike Hynson, both two of the finest surfers, wore on their trunks a little inscription reading P.O.P.E. It stood for Protegés of Phil Edwards. Phil was the Holy Grail – he was the master. If you are a student of trim and power and flow – it all goes back to Phil Edwards. See you all in May at The Boardroom.”

This years format pits 2X past champions against three wildcards and the defending champion in a tournament of champions round robin style man-on-man single elimination bracket.


In the past, we’ve had all the shapers build the same board and then the judges evaluated all of the 6 or 8 blanks to determine a winner. This year, with man-on-man heats so to speak, we’ll be eliminating shapers through the single elimination format. It’ll leave two shapers standing, with planers in hand, for the final heat.

Past 2X champions include Ricky Carroll (Diffenderfer, Caster, MR), Wayne Rich (Bradbury, Yater), Stu Kenson (Price, Chunk of Foam), and Roger Hinds (Aipa, Rusty). These multiple champions are joined by Andreini wild cards Bill Barnfield, Travis Reynolds, and Pat Rawson. Rounding out the tournament is defending champion and Merrick ex-pat, Rex Marechal from Foresters Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

To learn more about The Boardroom Show check out their website.


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