This short film has been a long time in the making. I was the first to film with Ryan back when he was eighteen, and over the years I’ve kept my camera handy whenever he’s around. Ryan consistently surprises me. Living just down the street, I’ve watched him grow from a gangly, goofy teenager to an even goofier world-traveling, surfing renaissance man. Shaping and glassing his own boards, he surfs them all with an innate flow that only comes from putting in lots of water time. And whether it’s in the shaping bay or the lineup, Ryan has done the work. He lives on good vibes and uses that self-created positivity to fuel his quest for new waves and board designs.

Direction: Cyrus Sutton
Edit: Chris Olivas
Camera: James Campbell, Jack Chellemi, Ryan Lovelace, Jack Coleman, Erik Derman
Still photos: Rob Keaton
Music: Rootbeer Sparkel, Allah-las, The Non

SPECIAL THANKS SPY & VOLCOM. And by the way, this is a production

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