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There’s no one on earth that surfs quite like Brad Domke. Sure, there are a few that are similar — anyone surfing finless is chasing the same feeling — but Domke is turning the volume way, way up. Surely you remember his Puerto escapade (which was one of many). Or maybe you remember his Cyclops wipeout. Or perhaps his antics at the Wedge? Whatever the case, here’s Domke towing Jaws back in 2016. On a skimboard. At Jaws.

“On the bigger days, I was paddling my surfboard,” he wrote on his Youtube channel. “My goal was to get good ones on my surfboard first, which I accomplished that season so the next time it’s on I can focus on my skimboard. This was a smaller and windier day that had a lot of wind surfers taking advantage of the conditions. I was fortunate to get a few this day and stoked I was able to pull off a little chop hop on such a big face.”


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