The Inertia


Editor’s Note: The below was written by Brad Domke, introducing his new project with filmmaker and friend, Dylan Palmer. Palmer recalls that the waves were so good, Brad was”able to paddle in his skimboard without a soft top. Speaking of the soft top, this trip was when Brad truly started to evolve and progress his technique — the first steps to reaching the insanity he pulls off now.”

In the summer of 2015, I went down to Mainland Mexico with cameramen Dylan Palmer and Pedro Fortes and our local guide, Toro. We’d planned on looking for point breaks this time, as we were always drawn to Zicatela’s pumping beach breaks when visiting this zone.


After endless S-turns and a lot of spot checking, we ended up finding a secret spot that required a pretty intense hike to get to and from. It’s always worth going the extra mile, though. You just never know what you might find when you do. It was like a wave pool with how perfect it was — the kind of session you dream about.

During our session, Toro’s local friend and master fisherman decided to gather up a feast for us to come back to. It was easily the best lobster, clams, oysters, and fish I’ve ever had. This was all in one day, too.

Only in Mexico.


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