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You don’t have to know much about real estate to know oceanfront property is a hot commodity. This isn’t really an option when you’re developing inland, though. Or maybe it is.

While welcoming visitors to theme park-style surf parks has been the first and most obvious application of man-made wave technology, bringing them into the real estate game is on a whole other level. On July 1, the folks at Wavegarden will officially open the doors to a new facility in Praia da Grama, 60 miles outside of São Paulo, Brazil. Instead of equating the new park to a Disneyland-like atmosphere, think of this newest development as part of a gated community. Literally. According to a press release from Wavegarden, the new Cove pool will only be accessible to residents of Fazenda da Grama and their visitors.

Built in partnership with a company named KSM Realty, the pool is being touted as the centerpiece of Fazenda da Grama, which also features one of Brazil’s top 18-hole golf courses, horse riding, beach volleyball, tennis, gym, swimming and spa facilities, restaurants, a surf shop, event space, and an agroforest (when trees and shrubs are integrated into crop and animal farming). A trip to the beach may still be preferable to plenty of people, but the idea of only having to share a wave with your neighbors is on its own level of country club-like amenities.

“The place is beyond beautiful and the waves are epic,” said Cam Richards, who visited the complex and tested out the pool. “I spent the past three days getting barreled in boardshorts, doing turns, and hitting the air section. We even had a session with the kids on the smaller waves. It is just magical that we can do all that in the same place.”

“Six years ago, we revolutionized the market by offering the world’s first commercially viable surf park,” said Josema Odriozola, CEO and Founder of Wavegarden. “Today with six surf parks in operation this latest project shows the versatility of our technology.”


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