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Congratulations Owen Wright

Congratulations Owen Wright, your 2015 Fiji Pro Champion and the first-ever surfer to earn two perfect heats in a single event. Photo: WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

The Inertia

We’d be lying if we said that we’re surprised Owen Wright just won the Fiji Pro. From the start of the event, no other surfer seemed to be in form quite like Owen. Everyone knew it. Owen knew it. You could see it in his surfing. Not only did Owen Wright just win the Fiji Pro, he just made surfing history for being the first-ever surfer to score TWO perfect heats (a combined heat total score of 20 points) in the same event.

“Something special was happening out there today,” said Owen. “Its just perfect. You can’t really say much more.”

In the explosive all-Australian final against Julian Wilson, Owen utilized his flawless barrel-riding skills and signature layback hacks, leaving the judges no other option than to give him another perfect 20. “Owen is surfing out of his skin,” explain Joe Turpel. “He is on another planet.”


The WSL was hoping to break free of the bad wave curse here in Fiji. And to stay they broke it would be a towering understatement. Although there was a bit of a slow start to the event, the waves have been absolutely pumping for the past two days straight, as Cloudbreak regularly experienced double to triple overhead heaving barrels, providing some of the most incredible rides ever witness in Tavarua.

A huge congratulations goes out to Owen Wright for making surf history and winning his first WCT event since 2011!



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