The Inertia

Break Line: Stephanie Gilmorefrom Todd Cole on

With this short film featuring the world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore, I wanted to create something dramatically different from what exists in contemporary surf films. Stephanie is a world class athlete, and I wanted to capture her in a way that seems atypical of these types of films – I wanted to show her simply engaged in her sport for the pure pleasure of it. Not for competition, but just for the love of it.

I also wanted to avoid many of the present clichés found in these types of sport films – I refused to take any speed ramps, over saturated color, aggressive editing and a heavy music track. I wanted to create something more emotionally true. Something more elemental. Light, water, and a strong, talented, beautiful woman, all dancing around out in the ocean. My hope was that by doing this well, I would create something that felt fresh and completely contemporary.


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