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During his stint on the WSL Championship Tour, Brett Simpson’s spectacular results may have been few, but in every post-heat interview, commentary booth cameo, and Snake Tales bit, Simpo became number one in our hearts.

Simpo’s CT exit was nothing short of graceful – he’s officially on USA Surfing’s coaching staff, is ruling dad life, continues to be the unofficial mayor of Huntington Beach, and has assumed the role of Hurley surf team dad quite seamlessly. Simpo is just as stoked to get in the water as the likes of young guns Hiroto Ohhara and Reef Heazlewood, but is equally as likely to drop wisdom on his fellow Hurley teammates. Like the fact that you may or may not be able to Uber Eats a pizza down to Lowers in a pinch? We haven’t been able to independently verify that one.

Tune in above for a California highlight reel courtesy of Hurley’s surf team – what’s left of it, anyway.


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