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When Gabriel Medina won the 2014 World Title, it was a big deal. It’s no secret. Not only did he become surfing’s youngest World Champion since Kelly Slater (yup, we already made the ridiculous-but-true comparison), but he was also the first champion from surfing’s newest, and most controversial, powerhouse: Brazil.

It was a nice, neat bookend to formally announce what many have known for years: Brazil has arrived. And they have done so loudly.

With seven Brazilians on the 2015 World Surf League roster, Brazil is actually the second best represented nation in professional surfing (2 more than USA…assuming we accept the Hawaii vs. USA distinction that the government doesn’t – and six less than Australia, who’s national embrace of surfing as a professional sport is still relatively unrivaled). This was not always the case. Not by a long shot.

And even as Brazil has clawed toward international dominance over the years, it hasn’t been without a few vibrantly public scuffles along the way. From emblematic clashes like Sunny Garcia chasing Neco Padaratz across the beach at the 2007 Pipeline Masters to Floatergate 2010 to vitriolic nationalism bubbling up from a mistaken drop-in at Trestles this summer, certain international, socio-economic, and cultural tensions have made Gabriel Medina’s world title about more than a virtuoso winning an important  surf contest. And that has also been discussed.

This title is about a group of young, committed surfers from Brazil smashing stereotypes and cultural divides to pursue their dreams. According to accounts by Miguel Pupo and Jadson Andre, just a few short years ago, they were called “Brazilian monkeys” in heats. Times have changed.

Today, the “Brazilian Storm” has begun to lead professional surfing to new heights, and Brink: Surfing’s New World Order reveals a new class of gentlemen who are breaking barriers with every heat to the top. Through candid interviews, our original documentary digs deeper to expose the full story behind Brazil’s first World Title. Featuring Miguel Pupo, Jadson Andre, Alejo Muniz, Filipe Toledo, Jamie O’Brien and Fred Patacchia, we hope you enjoy.

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Just a few short years ago, Miguel Pupo said his friends were called “Brazilian monkeys” in heats. Times have changed. Photo: Matt Dunbar


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