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“Find what makes you happy, and do it. And find who makes you happy, and be with them.”  – Carissa Moore

The first time I spoke with Carissa Moore was six years ago. She had just won a Men’s WQS event in Mexico, and she was fifteen. People thought that was impressive. And it was. But I distinctly remember that when I hung up the phone, I couldn’t care less about her surfing. I was impressed for entirely different reasons. I set the phone on the ringer and thought to myself: “This girl renews my faith in the idea that professional surfers can be sincere, humble, and kind people.”

That’s not the sexy ex-factor that typically pushes product, but, by God, it’s priceless.  And earlier this month, when I caught up with Carissa six years, a high school degree, and one World Title later, we discussed sex appeal’s place in women’s surfing, her greatest fears, her concept of true love as well as a host of interesting topics that give you a little insight into how she thinks and where her head’s at as the 2013 ASP Women’s World Title race wraps up.

And when she says she’d be happy living in a van she’s not speaking theoretically. At the time of the interview, Carissa Moore was actually living in a van with her boyfriend in Southern California. It was her idea.

And, you know what?  She was very happy. – Zach Weisberg

Today also marks Carissa Moore’s 21st birthday. Wishing Carissa a happy birthday from The Inertia.

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