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Carissa Moore is famously soft spoken. She’s like Tom Brady: exceptionally good on the field, exceptionally underwhelming in the press conference. She doesn’t give anyone fodder to want to beat her – any ammo to come after her with. Not to mention she’s authentically humble.

Only one time, really, have I ever been present when she let it out, emotionally. That was in 2017, after a loss at the US Open had her openly questioning her career – following three world titles no less. But here we are, two world championships and a gold medal later, and, I’m just going to say it right here, The Greatest Competitive Surfing Year Ever put together, by anyone. Carissa Moore won a world title and a gold medal in a single season. That, of course, has never, ever been done.

But Carissa certainly gives you the idea – organically I might add – that she’s not out to set any records. She’s just really good at what she does. We were recently granted a sit down with Carissa where we tried to bait her into talking about how this year, the greatest ever, may have changed her life, or if she can muster the wherewithal to win another three titles to overtake Layne and Steph’s seven. Does she even want to? Like I said, she doesn’t come off like she’s out to set any records. She’s found her sweet spot – speaking softly as her surfing does most of the talking.


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