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The Inertia

Longboarding often takes it on the chin. “Fucking longboarders,” is a sentiment heard all too often, usually muttered by someone on a surfboard the size of a receipt while attempting to surf on knee-high waves. It’s muttered because longboards are generally much more suited to average waves and the guy on the receipt is basically just bobbing around feeling angry and needs somewhere to direct his anger. It’s also muttered because sometimes longboarders are total assholes and are not shy about taking every wave. But a good longboarder will occasionally let one go. A good longboarder can make longboarding look both high-performance and stylish at the same time. Longboarding isn’t all about nose-riding and soul arches, but that’s part of it. Carlos Bahia surfing at Ollie’s Point in Costa Rica is an example of what good longboarding is.


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