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The Inertia

South Bay videographer Brad Jacobson had an appropriate name in mind when he titled this edit Not for the Faint of Heart. He’s right. While a place like El Porto may get geotagged on @kookoftheday’s feed during the summer months more than possibly any other wave imaginable, that all changes during a solid winter. And a solid winter this one has been for Los Angeles surfers.

So leave it to a YouTube commenter to put things into the right perspective for us all. Quite frankly, the question sums up South Bay surfing pretty well:

“I wonder how many decades it will be until someone gets an overhead barrel (and makes it out) in the South Bay?”


It’s not another @kookoftheday jab. It’s an acknowledgment that things can get a little hairy, the waves get pretty hollow, and they don’t like to stay open for long. Almost everything is a closeout in these parts but they’re big, hollow closeouts. And recently you’ve been able to stand quite tall inside of them, making it nearly impossible to pass on taking your chances. Odds are you’ll never make it out the proper end of a South Bay barrel, but guys like Matt Mohagen, Chad Parks, Damien Fahrenfort, and their friends sure do make it look fun.

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