The Inertia

This film shares the essence of longboarding on a trip to Pavones, Costa Rica. Chloe Calmon, Nacho Pignataro, and Julián Schweizer are three elite surfers with very different styles, showing the true versatility of the longboard.

“The summary of a unique trip amongst friends, good waves, and lots of laughs,” says Julian. “It was a reflection of how well we had (it) during those days in paradise.”

“Those days in Pavones were difficult to explain,” added Nacho. “I never imagined I could run (into) that wave at its perfect point, and better yet, alone in the water with my best friends. That was from another world.”


The trip was filled with new friendships, surf sessions, board games, relaxing moments, and filming all day, only stopping to eat and drink. I liked everything, but I think that having lived all these experiences while enjoying the journey overall was perfect. These are the moments that will be stored in our hearts forever.

Enjoy the flick.



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