The Inertia

Unfortunately, the amazing images provided by Chris Burkard are no longer available on Instead, we’d like for you to get to know Chris through this amazing interview done by the fine folks at Korduroy.Tv. If you’d like to view more of his work, check out his blog for regular updates or an amazing portfolio on ESPN..

Chris Burkard Portrait

"You never leave a trip without some experience that you feel grateful for," says Burkard.

An incredibly talented photographer, twenty four-year old Chris Burkard has established a unique style of his own in a short span of time. His list of accomplishments include winning Surfing Magazine’s first annual Follow the Light Award and the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2010. Chris has worked with a multitude of national and international publications, including SURFER, Surfing, Transworld Surf, Surfer’s Path, Australian Surfing Life, Surf Europe, Japan Surfing Life, and many others. His advertising clients include American Airlines, Patagonia, Quiksilver, Fuel TV, Volcom, Channel Islands, and Burton Snowboards. He has been the Assistant Photo Editor at Transworld Surf, Photo Editor/West Coast at Surf Magazine, Senior Staff Photographer for Water Magazine and, and currently works as a staff photographer for SURFER Magazine. Chris and his wife Breanne live in Arroyo Grande, California. You can view more of Burkard’s work at

“[Photography] was an art form that was the most expressive that I’ve ever tried,” said Burkard during an interview with Rangefinder Radio. “My passion just came from wanting to actually be in the water and wanting to document this amazing experience of actually being in the water, the movement of the ocean, and how uncontrollable it is and to find these moments that sort of come together with nature in perfect harmony and they’re there for a split second. The challenge of that always intrigued me…It’s something that I think never really goes away once you do it.”

Listen to the podcast with Chris Burkard here and check out Burkard’s blog for regular updates.


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