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Imagine flying around the world chasing your competitive surf dreams and every time you turn around there’s a guy (or gal) that looks just like you pursuing the exact same thing and doing everything they can to beat you. That’s just scratching the surface of what it must have been like for Floridian professional surfing twins, CJ and Damien Hobgood coming up.

Though two distinct people with two separate identities, in the late 90s and early 2000s CJ and Damien were almost given a collective identity – referred to simply as “The Hobgoods.” What that does to two highly competitive surfers eager to tear away from their brother’s shadow is the subject of a new documentary that’s six years in the making.

“And Two If By Sea” explores the lives, rivalry, successes, and tribulations of the brothers Hobgood – the most competitively successful identical twins in surfing history. Oh, did we mention the flick is narrated by Daniel Tosh?


The film premieres this Friday in San Diego, with a follow-up showing on Saturday. More details about its full release to come, but here’s a longer-version sneak peak from the project’s 2014 Indiegogo campaign:


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