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The Inertia

This story isn’t only about surfing as a sport or professional success. Instead, it provides a glimpse of a restless desire to find the best waves while traveling the world alone.

Kepa Acero, a filmmaker and a pro surfer lives his life on the road, searching for perfect waves and adventure. From Antarctica to Africa and to surfing the Pororoca in the Amazon, his journey has provided a unique opportunity to inspire others while sharing his experience (which he says is as important as the experience itself).

Traveling most of the time as a lone wolf, without any contacts in most of the places he sets out for, has given place for special moments that have turned into epic stories. But, Kepa doesn’t embrace the “lone wolf” label that’s been attached to him, because meeting new people and making new relationships are an essential part and the highlight of his travels.


Not afraid of challenges, Kepa was brave enough to quit pro surfing and set off for a lifestyle of discovery, accepting the risk of losing his sponsors. But, by filming his adventures and sharing his stories with the world, he is inspiring people to do what they love and to not be afraid of choosing their own path.

Sharing the passion of creating stories that inspire, AirDog empowers adventure seekers like Kepa, by providing freedom to focus on the purity of the surf, powder, or downhill rush while filming from above.

In the short film Connecting the Dots filmed in part by AirDog, Kepa shares his story of risk, love, freedom and adventure.


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