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The Inertia

The year’s 2013. Conner Coffin and a crew including Parker Coffin, Tanner Gudauskas, and Taylor Knox all head to J-Bay chasing down surf and filming for a short film – working title Highline. On a well-overhead morning as waves rope around the point at Jeffrey’s, Conner grabs his Channel Islands Black Beauty – a replica of the Tom Curren’s mid-80s go-to step-up – and hits the water. Channeling his inner TC, Conner links drawn-out bottom turn to meaty frontside gouge, spilling the wave’s guts with each slice, again and again. Singlehandedly, the scene cements the Santa Barbara native as one of the best power surfers when J-Bay is firing on all cylinders. It also lands him the December 2013 cover of SURFER Magazine with the call-out, “A Return to Form.”

Six years later, Conner and Parker Coffin have re-released their opus, Highline,  for your viewing pleasure and needless to say the surfing holds up incredibly well.


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