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The Inertia

The best thing about surfing around your hometown is over the years you become completely in tune with what’s happening at your local breaks. You know on what tides a place will be working and when it won’t be. You know that five degrees shift in swell direction will a certain reef just so. And sometimes you can be so connected to these places that you’re able to score fun, uncrowded surf when nobody’s looking.

As you’re likely aware, the winter months are Santa Barbara’s time to shine. Her crown jewel, Rincon, is fueled by North Pacific energy and heavily shadowed by local island chains from south swell, so summer typically marks the offseason. But, a recent little run of hurricane swell brought fun surf to the typically wave-starved beaches in Santa Barbara just in time for the brothers Coffin to get a little fraternal wiggle, nearly solo.

Come for the surfing, stay for Conner’s ceviche recipe.


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