The Inertia

Conner Coffin has always boasted an exceptional rail game. In fact, he’s often compared to the great rail master himself, Tom Curren. Fine-tuned along the slew of California’s righthand point breaks (specifically Rincon) and energized by the healthy, competitive relationship with brother Parker, Conner has come a long way from his humble beginnings as a surfed stoked grom from Santa Barbara.

As the newest edition to the WCT, there’s an obligation from Conner to give his rare opportunity his all. However, giving 100 percent on Tour requires A LOT of surfing. And what can one acquire by surfing in board shorts for hours on end? Yes, you guess it: crippling ball bag rashes. Thankfully, Hurley has him covered with their newest version of compression shorts that protect his junk and, for some odd reason, come well below the bottom of his trunks. The look is comparable to wearing boardies over a wetsuit or full winter booties in the tropics—both are big no-nos. Question is: Would you sport them?

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