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Inevitably when pros to post photos on Instagram of new additions to their quiver, one unsuspecting commenter will write: “Dims?”

Not that said commenter has the abilities of any of the top pros – if he or she did, they’d be on tour – but the innocuous comment points to surfers’ overwhelming fascination with board models and their specs. And while average Joes may be less sensitive to 1/16th of an inch here or a 0.01-liter difference in volume there, there’s something to be said for board models and technologies tested by the pros that eventually roll out to surf shops everywhere.

In this case, it seems Conner Coffin is leaning further and further into epoxy constructions of Channel Islands’ various models. They’re floatier, he says, especially in gutless summertime surf or waves with less power.


For those looking ahead to forthcoming models from CI, the FR2, which Conner breaks down above, and the Fish Beard, which Parker breaks down, both look insanely fun.


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