The Inertia

I was lucky to get a ride to Ericeira for the Duct Tape Invitational. There was some beautiful gliding from Eurico Romaguera and Diogo Appleton and some cool parties, but I had a hard time figuring it all out. Don’t get me wrong, the trip was great and so were the surfers, but maybe I’m too spoiled. I guess the real problem is me. So is this a contest or a festival? Maybe both? I’m not sure if competition has a place in classic longboarding. Do we want surfers to look cool or surf technically well? My head couldn’t get around it all. I just wanted it to be a festival without the competition.

Still, I had a nice swim during the finals. It felt great to detox a bit in the ocean. I think I got some great shots too and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, so I guess I’m just jaded. Despite my attitude, it was a fun weekend. So thanks to Joel Tudor and Vans for bringing this event to my country and sorry for my bitterness. Maybe it’s my Portuguese, fado-nostalgic side.

Editor’s Note: João Bracourt (a.k.a. Brek) was born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. His photography has appeared in The Surfer’s Journal and Surf Europe, among other publications.


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