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It’s kind of reassuring. Even the best surfers have trouble making it out the back on big days. Even in perfect waves. Even when they’re surfing with their idols. How about that. Pro surfers: They’re just like us!

“We get down to the beach, and we thought it was a foot or two overhead,” said Rob Machado of his trip to Chile with Craig Anderson while filming for Taylor Steele’s Proximity. “It was double overhead and chunky and tons of current.”

So it sounds like the fellas were a bit under-gunned.


“You kinda want to time the sets to get out, but it was really hard to see,” said Craig Anderson. “I just was so excited to get out there. The first time I got washed all the way down the point and as a surfer it’s pretty embarrassing when you can’t get out the back line and get in position to where you want to take off.”

“I feel bad leaving Rob out there by himself,” Ando said on the beach.

Judging by the footage and steady supply of perfect lefts, Rob was probably alright with it.

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