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The Inertia

The exploits of some of the wealthiest professional surfers in the world with their homes on different continents and investments in beer companies and artificial wave technologies are well documented. Remember Kelly Slater’s palatial North Shore digs?

But despite his commercial success, albeit one that’s faded some since dropping the Mountain and the Wave as his primary sponsor, the above is a rare glimpse into the living situation of Craig Anderson’s and his quaint abode in Merewether, NSW.

“It’s kind of like that show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, without all the wealth, prestige and success,” says Monster Children of their new series FLATS. “You won’t discover how life’s winners live, love and spend their fortunes, and you won’t enter their world of privilege and luxury. But you will get a look at how some of our buddies mete out their existence, and who they mete it with. First up: professional surfer and regular nice guy, Craig Anderson.”


Ando’s home is admittedly humble – hell, the guy doesn’t even have a bed frame. But, as far as essentials go for the knock-kneed free surfer,  he’s got that dialed with a full-range quiver of single fins, twinnies, and fishes.


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