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The first thing I saw when I entered Donald Brink’s shaping bay in Dana Point, California was a giant human foot hanging on an industrial metal door. It said: “Talk to your shaper about your foot today.”

What was a sign normally reserved for the podiatrist’s office doing in a shaping bay? Did this have anything to do with the bizarre modifications he incorporates into his boards? We had much to learn. We hung out with Donald for a day at his shop to gain a better understanding of his unique designs as well as the creative individual who concocted them.

Donald is the type of person who sees something and wonders how it was assembled, what it’s made from, and how each part functions as a whole. It was this sense of intellectual curiosity combined with an artistic creativity that inspired Donald to challenge our existing understanding of surfboard manufacturing.

Frustrated with the performance of traditional surfboard designs in challenging conditions, Donald set out to experiment with various asymmetrical shapes. One-of-a-kind, hand-shaped surf crafts, designed specifically according to the rider’s needs and preferences. From leaving more volume on one rail to adding an extra fin on the other, his non-traditional designs know no limits. But often, traditions are meant to be broken.

Enjoy CREATORS: Donald Brink powered by Arnette.

And learn more bout Donald on his website and Instagram.


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