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The Inertia

A surfing life exists in seasons. There’s the honeymoon phase where, as a youngster (or maybe later in life), you can’t get enough and every session you’re progressing in leaps and bounds. But at some point, likely in your 30s or 40s, you’re bound to hit a glass ceiling. Where as often as you surf there’s no progress being made. Maybe you’re backsliding. And then one day you paddle out and a nine-year-old surfs better than you ever have. And you quickly consider throwing in the towel completely and taking up another sport like squash or golf. Not so fast!

Watching this little highlight reel of nine-year-old Jersey native and all-around frother Cruz Dinofa is likely to produce in you two feelings. First and foremost: wonder. “This kid is nine, you say? For real? No way.” Second: a tad bit of shame. “I’ve been surfing for twenty years and this kid’s been surfing for five. What gives?”

We submit to you that there’s no need to throw in the towel, and sometimes its quite alright to eat humble pie. Oh, and keep an eye on Cruz Dinofa. Kid’s got skills.


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