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Dane Guduaksas makes people smile. Whether he likes it or not, he has to. He’s got the power-glow bowl cut, a haircut he pioneered, and his cheeks are permanently pinned high – folded into a massively contagious smile. As one-third of the G-bros trio, it’s part of the job description. They’re one of those rare, well-adjusted San Clemente surf families that has navigated a life spent in and around the surf industry limelight and manages to stay grounded, keep things in perspective, and radiate positivity. His energy is best captured in this live interview by KTLA during last year’s Vans US Open of Surfing. He can’t stop laughing.

He also charges giant waves. That Cloudbreak session from May of 2016 won’t soon be forgotten.

So we sat down with Dane (and all of the Gudauskas brothers, whose interviews will be released over the coming weeks) last year at the Vans house by Rockpiles during the Triple Crown. We wanted to get a quick look at what makes the fella tick


“I’m just trying to be an open book and enjoy every second,” says Gudauskas. “Because it’ll pass by quick. I think the key to happiness is sharing your happiness. That’s how you get the long-lasting glow. It’s all better when it’s shared.”

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