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The Inertia

I’m of the opinion that a traditional fish is one of the most versatile board designs out there. Maybe the most versatile. Once you come to the self-realization that you’re never making the Dream Tour, you quickly realize that equipped with a humble fish, you can juice so much more out of medium size surf, and still fly in the head-high-plus stuff.

For proof, look no further than Dane G putting Channel Islands’ newest fish design, the CI Fish, through its paces. According to CI, this is the third iteration of the brand’s retro-inspired fish shapes.

“The CI Fish’s DNA can be traced back to 2005’s Retro Fish, which two years later inspired the Skinny Fish—a refined version of the Channel Islands Retro Fish, featuring more user-friendly rails with less volume and a quad fin set-up,” explains CI. “This third iteration of CI’s fish family takes us back to a twin keel set-up but adds some subtle performance board characteristics into a classic plan shape, resulting in an update that fish aficionados and performance board die-hards alike can appreciate.”


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