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For fans of eloquently unleashed surfing, Dane Reynolds was a revelation. The lines he drew – or attacked with a passion bordering on rage – were lines we all hoped we could draw ourselves (even though most of us couldn’t).

Mr. Reynolds, one of my favorite all-time interviews, left the tour in 2011, much to the chagrin of fans who deeply, deeply appreciated his seamless blend of aerial surfing and classic power. But then he used his Marine Layer Productions to kick out the best surf edits (by far) of the late oughts and early 10’s. The music was underground, the surfing still unlike most could witness anywhere else, and Mr. Reynolds had the wave-riding world eating out of the palm of his hand. But then it all ended with little more than a web click.

Dane had a family. Started working on his brand. Kicked out the occasional edit here and there. But not often enough for me – or any other surfer who loved to watch him surf like it was his last day on the planet. Marine Layer Productions went silent from the internet.


But thankfully, Sir Reynolds has given us hope that he may bring back the blog format that went out half a decade ago. He dropped a not-so-subtle hint on his Instagram account this weekend, along with a collection of random pics, that he might bring it all back. “Think I’m gonna start blogging again πŸ€’ I know blogs are dead but still feels like the right platform to post surf videos and opinion and include my friends I surf with every day,” he wrote. “Stay tuned 🀘🏽”

Yes, it was a tease. But for those of us who suck down web edits like cold Bintangs, it wasn’t the worst news of the week. We’re currently digging for details now.


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