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The Inertia

Do you want to see some good, scratch that, offensively-good surfing? Why would we deem this offensive, you might ask? Because quite frankly, there are times to sit back and resent some humans for being capable of surfing with the ease, style, and grace most of us will never know. Do we appreciate it? Absolutely. But can we aspire to it? Not realistically.

All griping aside, Dayne Reynolds, Wade Goodall, Harry Bryant, Dylan Graves, and Tanner Gudauskas have a healthy collection of what were deemed “throwaway clips” in this edit — the highlights that hit the cutting room floor for Pentacoastal. It’s a statement piece that says a lot about today’s culture of constant, often-daily mini edits flooding the internet. Even with so much content hitting us day after day, there’s still so much damn good surfing in the world that five minutes of B-side clips are impressive enough to qualify for their own edit. And that’s a great thing.


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