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Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson has done a lot for surfing. Tomo is, without a doubt, one of surfing’s most forward thinking shapers. He isn’t one to stay within established boundaries. Instead, he likes to experiment; to find new things that work in different ways; to break down walls and build them somewhere else.

A few years back, he created a board called the Evo, which didn’t look much like a traditional surfboard. Resembling something akin to freestyle kiteboard, it had a squared off nose, low rocker throughout, and a responsiveness unlike most other surfboards. It was the first of his boards that featured a quad inside concave, which, since then, has become a staple of his creations. “The EVO was kind of like the ideal version of the modern planing hull concept,” he says.

On the heels of that board comes the Revo. Almost as soon as he released the EVO, Tomo was already thinking of ways to make it just a little bit better. “Over the years, I’ve had a lot of time to really optimize that shape and to make it into its ideal form,” he explained. “The REVO, what he have today, is the best of all these new concepts.”

Tomo sat down at the tail end of a year-and-a-half out of the water due to a knee injury. In the interview, he breaks down basically everything you could ever want to know about the board — and it’ll likely make you want one very, very badly.


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