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The Inertia

“He’s like a comet streaking through the sky.”

When Dave Rastovich teamed up with Steph Gilmore on a voyage to Mexico for Outside TV’s A Life in Proximity series, he came through in true Rasta style by bringing along some alternative surf craft. He decided to comb Mexico’s fine point breaks with a surf mat. And Dave Rastovich believes in the surf mat.

“You’re just laying on your belly,” said Rastovich. “If you’re a man, you’re dragging your nuts at a high speed. You don’t do any maneuvers or tricks. It’s just a straight shot of speed. It just takes out all the ego of it. It’s like, ‘Come on. You’re on a mat.’ It’s just really a glorified pool toy.”


George Greenough had a few interesting thoughts on the surf mat, too. And he knows a few things about wave-sliding.

And isn’t a surfboard really just a glorified pool toy? Maybe Rasta’s right. No need for ego there either.

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