The Inertia

In this video, I break down a series of events that took place leading up to and following the moment Ross Clarke Jones almost got smashed by a jet ski at Nazaré. You’ll see Ross Clark Jones, with tow partner Axi Muniain, and Lourenço Katzenstein, with tow partner Ramon Laureano, both make an attempt at the same 60-foot wave. Lourenço and Ramon were lined up earlier on the wave, while Ross and Axi were up and riding closer to the crest face of the wave. Ross swings into it and Lourenço and Ramon bow out with a near disaster unfolding on that wave and in the scramble to punch through the next two waves.

From all the tow surfers I’ve spoken with since breaking down this footage, I never got a straight answer as to who had the right of way for this wave. I’ll leave that for readers to decide in the comments section.

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