Photographer, Founder of Hungry Walrus
Derek Hynd. Classic style.

Derek Hynd. Classic style.

The Inertia

Derek Hynd dances to the beat of his own drum. There was a time when he was living in a big teepee in a rural part of Australia surfing epic waves by himself. I always thought that was intriguing.

Derek reminds us that surfing’s an expression and an act of freedom and enjoyment – with spirituality in the mix, too. I imagine most of us started surfing because it’s fun, and continue surfing because it becomes a healthy, creative outlet, radiating positive energy.

It’s refreshing and inspiring watching Derek surf. He restores the essence of the act along with some perspective when I get caught up in surf-industry media hype. He reminds me that how a wave or board is ridden doesn’t matter, as long as it makes us feel alive and full of respect for nature and each other.

Check out some of Derek’s photos, videos, and interviews online for a bit of art and philosophy. Smile and enjoy the ride.


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