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Mason Barnes isn’t exactly a household name in the world of big-wave surfing. But after nabbing a gigantic bomb this week at Nazaré, he probably should be. The Wilmington, North Carolina native towed into an absolute menace of a wave off the Portugal coast, which quickly had the surfing world debating the size of the wave. We’re by no means experts at measuring waves but it certainly looks like it could be a 100-foot wave. Barnes’ Instagram audience surely shared their opinions in his stories and in the comments. If this isn’t a 100-footer, it’s gotta be close.

“Thank you to everyone that made this wave happen,” he wrote on Instagram. “This is a dream wave in Nazaré, and I can’t believe we found it on such a dangerous and tricky day.”

Barnes was also quick to thank Nazaré pioneer Garrett McNamara: “Thank you for introducing me to this special place and teaching me everything I need to know to find a wave on days like this.”

So how big is this wave? We’ll leave it to the experts. Regardless, it has to be one of the best waves ridden at Nazaré this year. And if this doesn’t put Barnes on the big-wave map, have a look at this crazy Hawaiian barrel, below:


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