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The Inertia

Innersection was an interesting experiment in surf filmmaking. Have a bunch of really good surfers make their parts, drop them onto the internet, and let the fans choose the best. It wasn’t a panel of judges looking at speed, power, and flow; it was just surf fans taking stock of the entire section. The music choice, the aesthetics, and of course, the surfing too. While Albee Layer eventually won, it was a close race.

“The final voting of the second year of Innesection came down to a tight race between Albee Layer and this section from Jamie O’Brien,” wrote Taylor Steele on his YouTube channel, The Momentum Files. “Some people blame the music for tipping the scales, but Jamie stands firm that the message of “F#%K the System” was exactly how he felt at the point in time.”

Even though Albee won, Jamie O’Brien took that momentum and used it in part to create his vlog, which quickly became the most-watched in all of surfing. “Regardless of all above,” Steele continued, “this section is mental, and Jamie O’Brien is one of the all-time greats.”


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