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The Inertia

You’ve seen a lot of people surfing artificial waves recently. Heck, you might even be one of the lucky few to have surfed at Surf Snowdonia, or even been given top secret clearance to Wave Garden’s test facility in Spain. It all looks fun, but one thing we have yet to see from a wave created by Wave Garden technology is that fabled head high barrel we were promised. Whether nobody’s cranked the power up to eleven just yet or they’re just holding on to one more thing to reveal, nobody knows.

Meanwhile, at Dubai’s Wadi Adventure park some more hefty claims are being thrown out. Whereas Wave Garden promotes a head high barreling wave, Surf Park Central says Wadi’s pool (which employs different technology to create its waves) is capable of making a 3.3 meter (10 feet) wave every 90 seconds. Frankly, the only people to decide which wave is actually “better” would be someone whose surfed both. So until we get that chance let’s just daydream while we watch as much footage of each as possible. One thing we do know about surfing Wadi Adventure: If you’re so inclined, you can spend plenty of time above the lip.

Dubai Wavepool from Matt Pallet on Vimeo.


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