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Dr. Eric Goodman, the man behind Foundation Training. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

Dr. Eric Goodman, the man behind Foundation Training. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

The Inertia

This 12 minute Foundation Training routine has been used over a million times and most people feel a significant positive impact. The workout should be very challenging for you. If you can’t get to the end without breaking form, please rest and try again in a day or two. Take it slow and focus on the subtleties of the exercises.

The workout is not specific to surfers, but a lot of surfers use it. It’s targeted to meet the needs of the human body in today’s modern world. My body, your body, everyone’s body has developed a tendency to remain rigid and weak around the hips, lower spine, and neck. This rigidity of the low spine is met with hypermobility of the mid and upper spine.

These maladaptive physical tendencies are a direct result of increased time with technology of decreasing sizes, increased time sitting, commuting, and lounging. You only exacerbate your body’s problems when you take these crummy adaptations with you each time you surf or exercise (other than specific corrective movements). We must work to maintain our structural integrity to continue surfing and feeling the best we can.

This workout video is among several I have available free of charge on my website and Youtube. Please use the work we put out there: it could get you where you’re trying to go. Additionally, if you ever get the chance to work with a Foundation Training certified instructor please try it! Hope you get the benefits!

-Eric Goodman

For more from Dr. Goodman visit http://www.foundationtraining.com or check out his YouTube channel.


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