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Jack Freestone, pushing it. Photo: Instagram @surfingaushpc.

Jack Freestone, pushing it. Photo: Instagram @surfingaushpc.

The Inertia

“To have control and be stable, we must first be strong” -Dr. Jeremy Sheppard.

Dr. Jeremy Sheppard is about as knowledgeable as it gets when it comes to the training of elite athletes. With over 22 years of training experience, he has a depth of understanding that’s difficult to even imagine. He’s worked with Olympians; he’s worked with both national sports teams and professional sports teams; he’s consulted for the NFL, ARL, and AFL. Now, however, he works as the Surfing Australia Sport Science Manager at the Hurley High Performance Center. He spends his time conditioning Australia’s brightest surf stars like Jack Freestone, Sally Fitzgibbons, Bede Durbidge, and many more. In this video, Dr. Sheppard describes the importance of strength for performance. He shuts down the common misconception that strength training inevitably makes an athlete heavier and slower. He explains that strength training in combination with endurance training and a lean diet is the recipe for a faster, more powerful surfer. For more information and tips about strength training, watch the video below.

Video: Surfing Australia TV. For more visit YouTube.


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