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As a NorCal surfer, rarely a day goes by without wishing I lived somewhere warmer. Freezing cold water aside, dealing with soggy neoprene day in and day out can be a massive hassle, and if I don’t shower after surfing, chances are I either smell like a urinal or have sand accumulated in an uncomfortable location from repeated flushings. That being said, the waves are always better further up the beach.

Wetsuits tend to eliminate two of the main problems that plague my fellow surfers in more tropical locales – chilly balls and boardshort-chafing, something I’m quick to claim whenever I hear some lily-livered scoundrel bemoan the necessity of a 4/3 wetsuit. Well, it sounds like my argument might have a counterpoint. Warm-water surfers can now say goodbye to the two main problems of boardshorts – chilly balls and chafing.

The crew at Driftline just released Drifties, board shorts with a built-in 0.5mm neoprene liner to keep your package secure and comfortably warm, allowing you to focus on something other than your own freezing balls. “I completely forgot the neoprene liner was in there,” says Conner, a surfer and San Diego Lifeguard.

Conner finding some shade at BSR Surf Resort in his Drifties. Photo: Driftline

And they’re not just for surfing in. Drifties are made for any water activities where performance is key.

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