The Inertia

Dylan Graves was on a 19-hour layover in Dubai when he decided to throw a Hail Mary. He’d seen an announcement for Surf Abu Dhabi, the latest Kelly Slater Wave Co. creation in the UAE, and fired off a text to Kelly to try and score an invite. It turned out that Slater was in town and Graves got the chance to test out the wave on opening day.

We first became aware of the new pool in June, when Modon Properties announced that Surf Abu Dhabi would be part of a massive project on Hudayriyat Island in the UAE. Recently, footage has been trickling in of pros finally testing out the waves.

So, what does the man who has surfed the weirdest waves in the world have to say about the experience? “All in all, this pool definitely felt like an upgrade from Lemoore,” said Graves. “The wave felt easier to surf. Not sure if that was because of the warm saltwater, the bigger, longer, wider tubes, or just the fact you’re doing this all under the Arabian sun. Definitely a bucket lister and worth your time if you get a chance. This will be a game changer for the sport here in Abu Dhabi.”


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