If it's flat, blown out or just the thought of battling traffic and paying for parking to arrive at a surf Disneyland isn't your cup of stoke, then here's 5 ideas that might just get you pumped.

The Inertia

At the risk of being a “Debbie Downer” here are some alternative activities proposed by KorduroyTV founder Cyrus Sutton.

While I support everything International Surfing Day (now commonly referred to as ISD) stands for, I will most likely be choosing not to surf today. Waves are a very limited commodity where I live and the thought of suiting up past the hash-tagging masses struggling to get into their crusty suits on their collective day of surf hooky just doesn’t get me stoked.

Beginning with post World War II vets, core California surf culture has always been about ebbing while others flow and gleaning joy from less foraged pastures. Rejuvenation and inspiration was always the goal, not participating in a starry-eyed buzz at the beach.  For this reason I’ll most likely be working and preoccupying my time in other ways while unusually large crowds share too few waves and console their secret angst with “I surfed today” back pats.

So if it’s flat, blown out or just the thought of battling traffic and paying for parking to arrive at a surf Disneyland isn’t your cup of stoke, then here are five ideas that might just get you pumped to enjoy the next “surfing day” of your choosing:


1. Call up your buds who ditched work and organize a beach clean up

  • Combat the plastic age by fishing out a few used grocery bags from the trash.
  • Beautify your local spot and get all tingly inside knowing that the lack of fast food wrappers and cigarette butts in the parking lot is partly due to your decision not to surf on ISD.

2. Fix Your Dings

3. Start Some Seeds

4. Make a DIY Bike Rack

  • Don’t have a garage? Tired of having to worry about the rusting and theft of your pedal-powered ride?
  • Make a DIY bike rack using old road bike handlebars and turn your bike into a wall hanging, piece of art.
  • Check out the tutorial – HERE

5. Go For a Hike

  • While all the outdoorsy types are in the ocean, take the opportunity to attack your local trail, foot and tire traffic free
  • Surfer/Hikers know that a big hike can be much a more consistent solution to getting that “surfed out” feeling when crowds and inconsistent surf put a damper on your wave count

* If I get through all of these and the waves look fun, I might just get over my “bah humbugging” and paddle out!


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