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Annually some of the best surfers in the world – many of whom were born and bred on the North Shore of Oahu – participate in one of surfing’s most intimate and prestigious ceremonies. It’s an honor to even be invited to the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay. A higher honor to participate – it’s only run nine times since its inception 34 years ago. And an even higher honor to win. As we said, there are only nine names on that list. All are veritable surf royalty.

And while action from the Eddie (when it runs) is often heavily covered in the media – contest breakdowns abound – it’s rare that we’ve ever gotten such a personal glimpse at the opening ceremony itself.


Through the most recent episode of Koa Rothman’s vlog, though, we get to be flies on the wall as surfers gather to venerate the fallen hero Eddie Aikau and celebrate his legacy.


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