The Inertia

This has been one of the more brutal winters that I can remember. Yes, it’s been bitterly cold. There’ve been storms that go from snow to rain, or rain to snow, and just about everything in between. Growing up in the Northeast, you come to accept the realities of winter, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes I can feel grateful that at least I don’t live someplace colder with more snow. However, when I’m scraping the ice off my windshield with a subzero windchill stinging my face, it sucks.

This winter, photography has taken a different kind of importance for me. I recently read a blog post by local Jersey Shore surfer and blogger, Shawn Zappo, about continuing to surf through the winter despite the literally freezing water and air temperatures. He describes the passion and dedication it takes to continue to do something you love in conditions that are completely unbearable to most people.

I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from a brutal winter in New Jersey. These were shot in Monmouth and Ocean counties through out January and February.

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