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The Inertia

Every surfer dreams of finding a remote surf break where the waves are firing and the lineup is empty. Such was the case when CJ Nelson found an oasis at Casa Trim in Mexico. Adam Whitfield and CJ opened up Casa Trim in 2013 as an escape from the crowded California breaks.

Located just north of Ixtapa in the Mexican state of Guerrero, the house has a beach break right out front with a peeling lefthand point break a short walk away. While the rest of us have been battling crowded lineups, CJ spent six weeks trimming down the line in Mexico, surfing noseriders and new designs shaped by Ian Chisholm. Photographer Andrea Coleman and her son Tom also made the trek to Casa Trim. Here are some of the photos she captured, which is enough to make any surfer envious.

See more of Andrea’s photography on her website and Instagram.


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