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Happy weekend ya dirty frothers! If the fact that it’s the weekend doesn’t have your stoke at appropriately high levels, then this supercut of kids at play getting shacked on the North Shore ought to pump you up. If that still isn’t enough, then you should probably be seeing a therapist — something’s wrong and you should get that checked out asap, you know? Anyway, for all you non-Debbie Downers: GoPro of the Winter compiled the raddest clips from the season and it’s all here for your awed pleasures.

When he wasn’t tormenting Poopies, Jamie O’Brien seemingly found the time to put the necessary hours in the green room to pocket a casual $20,000 for the winning clip. With his hapless friend taking a mere $100 to jump off of the Wahiawa bridge, we don’t want to know what a couple multiples of that might buy. Or maybe we do.



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